20 years of Groundwater in South Africa

Groundwater Book Launch in Cape Town

The publishing of ‘Twenty years of groundwater research, development and implementation in South Africa’ (link below) needed a little occasion. It happened at the invitation of the Water Research Commission on the evening of 12 November with a cocktail function at the historical Centre for the Book in Cape Town.

The meeting was well attended by the groundwater fraternity of the Western Cape and helped along by some good wine sponsored by the local branch of the Groundwater Division. Groundwater was honoured by the presence and encouraging words of the CEO of the WRC, Mr. Dhesigen Naidoo. Shafick Adams, Eberhard Braune, Kevin Pietersen and Fanus Fourie all reflected on different aspects and challenges that stood out for them in the 20 years.

“Time is running out. My people will need to know,so that they can become guardians themselves
each and every one – of our hidden treasure – the infinitely precious water of the ground of Africa.”

Closing lines from the “Well of Wisdom” by Elanda Botes, which ran every night at the World Summit in Johannesburg in 2002.

Standing out for me from the evening were the two ‘students’, Kate Robey and Gaathier Mehed, who gave some impressions of their first encounter with groundwater research. Their keenness, confidence and love of fun augers well for the future and echoed what was heard on the floor from the student community in attendance. It was therefore fitting for Fanus to close the evening,pointing to the younger generation:

‘It is now up to you to take groundwater to a new higher level!’

Well done groundwater community and thank you WRC.

Eberhard Braune