The Department of Water Affairs (DWA), Directorate: Hydrological Service is delighted to announce the launch of the web enabled CHART to external clients.

CHART as an analytical tool supports the quick and easier analysis and assessment of hydrogeological and hydrochemical trends of aquifer systems in an integrated fashion with collaboration between groundwater, surface water, and rainwater data in a single snapshot or dashboard. To register go to:
After successful registration the user will receive a confirmation email which will contain the link to the CHART web application. Enquiries: ngaur [at] dwa [dot] gov [dot] za

CHART: Version 2.0 (web enabled) features:

  • Read-only access to data from National Groundwater Archive (NGA), Water Management System (WMS) and Hydstra
  • Plotting of standard hydrochemistry charts such as Durov, Expanded Durov and Piper
  • Plotting of custom-build charts such as Ion Balance, Collins and Trend Analysis

For more information please visit the DWA Groundwater website