Notice of intention to call an Extraordinary General Meeting 


The GWD AGM hosted at the 2015 Biennial Conference could not conclude the 2015/2016 National EXCO Election process due to Constitutional constraints.

The interim Committee, under the guidance of Dr Kevin Pietersen, hereby wish to inform members of an Extraordinary General meeting to be called on Wednesday, 9 December 2015 to allow for the results of the GWD elections to be announced and thus to formalise the Executive Committee for 2016/2017.

Where: UP, Pretoria, Gauteng. The venue will be confirmed.
When:  9 December 2015, 17:30 to 18:30 (drinks and light snacks will be available after the meeting)

info [at] gwd [dot] org [dot] za (subject: RSVP%20GWD%20AGM%20December%202015) (Please RSVP your attendance)

The following timeline & process, as per the current Constitution of the GWD, will be adhered to: 

  1. Ballots will be distributed 30 days before the AGM – 9 November 2015
  2. Voting closes 10 days before the AGM – 29 November 2015
  3. Results announced at the AGM – 9 December 2015

Ballot List – National Executive Committee 2016/17

BALLOT LIST (click to download)

Please cast your vote and fax or email the completed ballot to
Fax to: 086 210 8167 OR Email to: info [at] gwd [dot] org [dot] za
All ballots must be returned to the Office of the Secretariat by 29 November 2015

The Executive Committee of the Division shall consist of a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, an Honorary Secretary, an Honorary Treasurer and two (2) additional members.

Provided that the number of nominations exceeds three (3), the Executive Committee shall forward a ballot list of valid nominations to all Members at least 30 days prior to the Annual General Meeting of the Division.
Duly completed ballot lists shall be returned to the Honorary Secretary of the Division to reach him/her not later than ten (10) days before the Annual General Meeting of the Division.
Votes shall be cast for not more than three of the nominees.
The Executive Committee shall appoint office bearers from amongst its duly elected members.

The Executive Committee shall have the right to co-opt Members to assist with the running of the affairs of the Division.  Such co-opted Members will, however, have no voting power on the Executive Committee.



In addition, Dr Pietersen is also moderating the feedback on the SACNASP Field of Practice: Hydrogeological Science discussion document (Click on here to view the document). We invite all members to review this document and please return your kpietersen [at] slrconsulting [dot] com (subject: Comment%3A%20Field%20of%20Practice%3A%20Hydrogeological%20Science) (COMMENTS) to Dr. Pietersen  no later than 21 NOVEMBER 2015.