GWD2017 Student Support

The GWD Conference 2017 organising committee has been able to source limited funding to support some students to attend the Ground Water Division biennial conference in Stellenbosch in October 2017.

It has been decided that funding will be given for registration fees only; and that the student awarded support is responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.

The sponsorship will be awarded on the following basis:

  • Student support will cover the cost of the conference registration fees only.
  • The student is responsible for his or her own travel and accommodation costs.
  • Students that have had their papers accepted for oral presentation will receive preference; thereafter students who have had papers accepted as poster presentations may be supported.
  • The completed papers have to be submitted to the conference organiser in the correct format and of good standard by the due date.
  • Late paper submissions will result in automatic exclusion.
  • Only full time students will be supported, and those who do not have alternative forms of funding.
  • The student must apply for support on the application form (see attached) by no later than 19 June 2017. Applications are to be submitted to the conference organizer Ms Deidre Cloete deidre [at] iafrica [dot] com
  • The application must be supported by the student’s supervisor.

<>•A maximum of three students per academic institution may be supported.  The applications will be dealt with on a first-come–first–served basis.

Student Funding Application Form 01.doc147 KB