AS Talma

Aritius Sybrandus (Siep) Talma
(1944 - 2016)


It is with sadness that we learnt of the passing of Siep Talma on Friday 11 November 2016. 
Siep was a true gentleman and guided many of us in the use of isotopes in groundwater studies.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family.


Siep, a GWD Honorary Member and recipient of the Groundwater Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015, started his career at CSIR (1968 – 2005) with a background of physics and mathematics. He was instrumental in setting up an isotope lab old style where they had to design and make instruments locally. Later he became involved with many environmental applications of isotopes all over the country. He therefore became acquainted with the basics of different disciplines: palaeoclimatology, plant physiology, oceanography, air pollution, geochemistry, archaeology etc. The main practical application of isotopes remained in hydrology however. Since 2006, he was consulting and collaborating with different institutions dealing with hydrochemistry and isotope hydrology.