Unconventional Gas Symposium

Tight gas, shale gas and coal bed methane are called "unconventional" gas due to their atypical reservoirs. While chemically identical to conventional natural gas, they are found in highly compact rock or coalbeds and require a specific set of production techniques. The exploitation of unconventional gas sources using methods such as hydraulic fracturing, horizontal wells, and reducing coal seam pressure is relatively new in the region and not without controversy.

We take pleasure in inviting you to a thought-leading symposium on the potential advantages and disadvantages of using unconventional gas in southern Africa. The aims of the symposium are to unpack the challenges associated with operation and closure, and to learn from current projects here and overseas.

This symposium will provide factual presentations from the viewpoints of the regulatory bodies, industrial organisations, non-governmental organisations, and academic researchers to enable delegates to become more familiar with the topic and able to make better-informed decisions. After the presentations, an expert panel consisting of a range of stakeholders including civil society, mining organisations, and regulators will be facilitated to produce a position paper by the WISA Mine Water Division and GSSA Ground Water Division for further use.

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