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Between a rock and a wet place: What is the impact of the drought on groundwater resources in the Western Cape?

This article, by Marlese Nel, Groundwater Science Communicator, is published as follow-up to the recent GWD Drought Symposium hosted at UWC, 2 November 2018

Sector Opportunities JULY/ AUGUST 2018

 A specialist groundwater c

Call for Papers: SAJG Special Issue


South African Journal of Geology Special Issue: Southern African Hydrostratigraphy


A vacancy opened for a mid to senior level Hydrogeologist/Groundwater Modeller in either the JHB/Pretoria Office.

Ernst Betram

Ernst Bertram , a beloved and highly esteemed GWD Hono

In Memoriam: Dr Johan van der Merwe

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the recent passing of one of our Greats - GWD Honorary Member: Dr Johan van der Merwe

Congratulations! Newly elected GWD EXCO 2018/19

At the recent Ground Water Division AGM hosted at the GWD2017 Conference in
Stellenbosch, the elected EXCO for the term 2018/19, was announced:

Dont miss this Seminar!

GWD Seminar:  Ah ha moments of hydrogeologists

Time:                    17h00

GWD2017 Student Support

The GWD Conference 2017 organising committee has been able to source limited funding to support some students to attend the Ground Water Division biennial conference in Stellenbosch in Octo

New Title from Juta Law - Hydraulic Fracturing in the Karoo: Critical Legal and Environmental Perspectives

Hydraulic Fracturing in the Karoo:  

Critical Legal and Environmental Perspectives

Edition: 1st

GWD MEMBERSHIP 2017 - Renewals/ applications

We invite all existing members or new members to start with the membership renewal/ applications for 2017.

Existing members: Kindly

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  • Interesting news from our GWD members attending the IAH Conference in 2016

    Trust that 2017 can gain further momentum following a very productive 2016. Our GWD members reflect:

    GWD Constitution Changes on the 2017 Agenda

    Dear Member of the Ground Water Division,

    It is December and the year is slowly running to an end. We wish all our members (prospective) a good ending to 2016.
    The Seminar and Annual General Meeting on 3 November was attended by approximately 30 persons.  The talk on deep well testing was an enormous success and we thank Noah Heller and Steve Kalule for the contributions to the event.
    The AGM is being moved ahead into the first quarter of 2017, as per constitution, and this communication serves to supply our membership with urgent matters requiring resolve. 
    A number of responses were received regarding the proposed Code of Practice (CoP). The general feeling is that it will be beneficial, but that compliance cannot be forced on non-members of the GWD. Nonetheless, it is important to officially adhere to a CoP to define what is considered to be professional conduct in the industry, especially given the importance of professional registration of practicing members.  Increasing queries and concerns by the general public are being directed to the GWD and we have no official means of dealing with these matters. For the interim, it is proposed that the GSSA and SACNASP Codes of Conduct are officially adopted while the GWD considers options with respect to competence in the field. 
    As a division of the GSSA, many queries are directed to them. The GSSA is also actively involved in the professional registration of Earth Scientists and Geological Scientists under which the GWD members register.  Our conduct therefore needs to be clarified in order for us to eventually take more responsibility for our own profession.
    Changes to the Constitution are becoming increasingly important given that the last official update was in 2000.  Some suggestions are proposed in the attached link (please click on this link to open the document):

    We request our paid members to return this completed form indicating their votes to the secretariat within by 31 January 2017.  This will be seen as voting by ballot, although votes are submitted in electronic format, and majority vote will be implemented per clause.  Members not voting will be accepted as being impartial.  Given the long period of voting, the tallied votes are considered enough for implementation of changes.  Please indicate your vote clearly by selecting "in favour" or "against" at each point.

    AS Talma

    Aritius Sybrandus (Siep) Talma



    Dear Members - Kindly diarise the following date for the upcoming AGM.

    Nobel Peace Prize winner to speak at forthcoming WISA Mine Water Division Symposium

     The WISA Mine Water Division is delighted to announce that registration for its forthcoming Annual Symposium is open, and this year's theme is Management Options for Mine Water.

    GWD New Website

    The GWD appointed Thomani Technology Solutions to assist with a new updated website that aims to offer a much improved consolidated hub for all our members/

    NGS Public Consultation and Stakeholder Participation

    Remember to join in the last of the NGS Stakeholder workshops!

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  • Underground Coal Gasification Talk, UP

    Join the GWD for the Lecture and discussion on UCG and groundwater protection presented by Dr Michael S. Blinderman Ergo Exergy Technologies Inc., Canada

    Position Available: Junior Hydrogeologist

    A contract position just openened in one of our reputable Member Organisations for their Durban office.


    Groundwater Investigation – Requirements and Competency

    Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science coming to South Africa

    The Ground Water Division, together with a number of local partners, is excited to announce the current 2016 Darcy Lecturer, Dr Ty Ferre, to be hosted for an upcoming visit to South Africa in July


    The International Water Management Institute ( is an international, non-profit research organization dedicated to provid

    2016 GWD message

    Dear members of the GWD,

    Following the elections for the executive committee, we are happy to introduce a new committee which will hopes to follow through on a number of in

    Mr JR Vegter

    Mr JR Vegter, founding member and driving force behin

    Extraordinary AGM 9 December 2015

    Extraordinary General Meeting - 9 December 2015


    Notice of intention to call an Extraordinary General Meeting 


    The GWD

    PhD Position available at WITS

    There is a PhD research position

    Awards at the September GW Confex2015

    Congratulations to:

    Lifetime Achievement Awards : Siep Talma; Phil Hobbs (CSIR)

    Upcoming GW Confex 2015

    Some of the speakers at this upcoming event!
    September arrived! It's Conference month and we are delighted with the reponse and interest! Registration is now unfortunately closed but feel free to keep in touch through our GWD Facebook & Twitter account where we will post news during the Conference. 


    VACANCY: Director of the SADC-Groundwater Management Institute

    The SADC Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI

    20 years of Groundwater in South Africa

    Groundwater Book Launch in Cape Town

    GW TALK - Shammy Puri (Secretary General: IAH) (GWD, IAH, UP)

    “What must hydrogeologists sacrifice in cross disciplinary work?"

    GW TALK - Sammy Puri (Secretary General: IAH) (GWD, IAH, UP)

    “What must hydrogeologists sacrifice in cross disciplinary work?"<

    GW in Action

    GW in Action: UP, 3-4 JULY 2014


    Dear registered delegate and interested persons,
    Note that the Groundwater in Action

    Passing of a Groundwater Legend

    It was with shock and disbelief that we learnt of the passing of our esteemed, and much respected and beloved Prof.

    WIN tickets to WISA!

    The Water Research Commission is undertaking a survey to determine the quality of its research reports.

    Shale gas – let the science speak says WRC

    Amid increasingly heated debates over the impact of mooted shale gas extraction in the Karoo, Wate

    Research: Student Opportunities

    Shale Gas Research Program and Opportunities

    GWD 2014

    GWD Branches

    UNESCO VACANCY *Extention (15 Jan)

    Project coordinator of the Stampriet Project

    Please note that the deadline for the submission of applications for the position of the project coordinator of the Stampriet Project has been extended. Applications can be submitted until 15 January 2014.

    Pretoria Water: Book Launch

    The Hydrogeological Heritage Overview series (funded by the

    Groundwater strategy complete!

    Sourced from NEWS24

    2013-07-04 21:35

    Doc Kok - In memory

    Obituary: Dr. Thomas Steyn Kok (1919-2013)

    In 1993, Dr Kok was the GWD recipient of the 4th Ground Water Medal for outstanding and

    Polokwane talk

    NEW VENUE DETAILS: Driving directions to Bosveld (lat -23.94859 & long 29.49179)

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  • Polokwane & Groundwater

    You are cordially invited to attend a

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    q&a: What's cooking your patato?..and other stories

    Small-scale irrigation schemes can provide the biggest opportunity for boosting food security in Africa, according to Meredith Giordano, the research director at the International Water Management

    Lessons Learnt: GW Municipal Symposium

    Groundwater to Tap water - a municipal focus
    Lessons learnt from symposium

    report by Marlese Nel


    The Department of Water Affairs (DWA), Directorate: Hydrological Service is delighted to announce the launch of the web enabled CHART to external clients.

    CHART as an analytical tool supports the quick and easier analysis and assessment of hydrogeological and hydrochemical trends of aquifer systems in an integrated fashion with collaboration between groundwater, surface water, and rainwater data in a single snapshot or dashboard. To register go to:
    After successful registration the user will receive a confirmation email which will contain the link to the CHART web application. Enquiries: ngaur [at] dwa [dot] gov [dot] za

    CHART: Version 2.0 (web enabled) features:

    • Read-only access to data from National Groundwater Archive (NGA), Water Management System (WMS) and Hydstra
    • Plotting of standard hydrochemistry charts such as Durov, Expanded Durov and Piper
    • Plotting of custom-build charts such as Ion Balance, Collins and Trend Analysis

    For more information please visit the DWA Groundwater website

    WATER SA - Special Edition now available

    Available on website:
    ISSN 0378-4738 – (Print) Water SA Vol.

    Support for African Hydrogeologists

    The IAH committee in NSW Australia want to po

    Groundwater Strategy

    Revisit the Groundwater Strategy!

    Applications for board membership - Water Research Commission

    Applications should be sent via board [at] wrc [dot] org [dot] za (email). The closing date is 2 December 2011.

    New publication available

    Water Supply Well Guidelines for Use in Developing Countries

    Groundwater Conference 2011

    Excerpt from "Shotha" the official weekly newsletter of the Department of Water Affairs - 23 September

    PhD Opportunity

    University of Southampton PhD Opportunity:
    Transport of toxic metals in clay mineral barriers-Influences of mobile sorbent

    GWD at Stellenbosch Career Day

    The GWD Western Cape Branch at the Stellenbosch Career Day on 9 August 2011.

    Managing water for the future..

    Katse-Dam_opt2.0There are lessons in the Libyan Desert {writer: Leon Alberts}

    More than 300 South African towns and many more villages and rural settlements depend solely on groundwater, but frequently this valuable resource is incorrectly managed – leading to misconceptions about its significant potential, a South African expert recently warned on World Water Day.

    The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) posed the question: “Would people invest more in clean water if they knew just how expensive dirty water is?”

    And, from the most unlikely source of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya, there is an example of how vision and innovation can turn even an apparently completely arid desert into an agricultural export region.

    AfricaGeo- Developing Geomatics in Africa

    Worth a visit!

    Dates: 31 May to 2 June 2011
    Cape Town International Convention Center (CTICC)
    info [at] africageo [dot] org (info [at] africageo [dot] org)

    Available positions

    UMVOTO AFRICA an earth sciences consultancy based in Muizenberg, Cape Town has two exciting positions available.

    SADC Groundwater Archive

    Safe and reliable water supplies sustain growth and development in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region where most rural communities and many small towns and irrigation schemes


    Kornelius Riemann accepted his nomination and will be the new chairman of the GW Division Western Cape.
    Congratulations Kornelius !!!

    TOP JOB!

    SADC Groundwater Management Institute Director


    Hearty 2011 greetings to all GWD Members!


    SUBMISSION OF ABSTRACTS : Next Monday, 10th January 2011……….

    Provocation Series - New release

    The Gauteng City-Region Observatory’s Provocations is an on-going series of thinkpieces that give a platform to cutting edge thinking on current issues of the day, written and presented in non-academic style and format. Each Provocation is offered by an academic or practitioner for reading by a wide audience, with the hope of shedding light on key topics relevant to researchers, policy-makers, business people, activists and members of the public.

    The latest release in this series is titled: THE DECANTING OF ACID MINE WATER IN THE GAUTENG CITY-REGION by Prof. Terence McCarthy

    The series aims to challenge conventional understandings, stimulate new thinking, stir up debate and incite readers to respond with interpretations of their own. At times, the thoughts offered will exasperate, perhaps even anger. Each piece goes through rigorous editing, but the analysis, views and opinions presented are solely those of the author.

    The GWD make a .pdf version (890kb) of this publication available to members. It can be downloaded from the following link:
    (Members will need to log-in to view this page.)

    GW Modelling & Risk Assessment course


    Be sure to register for the upcoming course: "Groundwater Modelling & Risk Assessment - Focus on the Mining Environment"
    To be hosted in Pretoria on 29 November to 3 December 2010, expert presenters such as Dr. Christoph Konig, Prof Kai Witthuser, Dr Ingrid and Dr Rainier Dennis will instruct this 5 day intensive hands-on and application orientated course. It will provide the attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to solve mining related groundwater problems quickly and efficiently. Software used in the tutorials includes PMWIN (a finite difference groundwater package), SPRING (a numerical model specifically developed for the simulation of groundwater flow in the mining environment) and Groundwater Expert (a stochastic based risk assessment package).

    Groundwater Conference 2011 - 1st Announcement


    World Water Week 2010

    The World Water Week, 5-11 September 2010

    This year groundwater management and protection will receive special attention whereby delegates will explore how to create a balance between the exploitation of groundwater and the increasing demand for water around the world.
    Groundwater resources are being over-abstracted and face an increasing risk of pollution from urbanisation, industrial development, agricultural activities, and mining enterprises.

    Bushmen denied access to wells

    Botswana High Court denies Kalahari’s indigenous Bushmen water rights in their homeland

    Call to save basin from LOCK ZERO

    The statement (below and attached) serves as a real example of how the passion of people can give voice to the silent cries all around us..Silent no more, we all need to listen for the sake of OUR survival. There is much work to be done. 

    Murray Darling Basin, Australia - Advisory Group. 
    "We understand the problems being faced by the area including Lake Alexandrina, Lake Albert and the Coorong and the surrounding area in South Australia unless you travel along or near the Murray River from let’s say Wellington to Lock 1 at Blanchetown and speak to those affected and see the damage occuring it is very difficult to understand the hardships being experienced." says Peter R Smith (Immediate & last elected Past South Australian Vice-President Murray Darling Association,Member; Lower River Murray Drought Reference Group,Vice-President Murray Watch SA,Ex-elected Member Mid-Murray Council,Volunteer ‘Climate Change’ Presenter;Trained by Australian Conservation Foundation and Al Gore)

    Hydrogeological Unit Manager invited to step forward..

    Digby Wells and Associates, Environmental Solutions Provider, is a South African company that offers international expertise in Environmental Management. DWA has an innovative, pragmatic team of environmental scientists, social scientists and engineers with hands on experience and approach. The following vacancy is available in our Randburg office: Hydrogeology Unit Manager - The closing date is 30 June 2010. Read more at VACANCIES page.

    GWD Groundwater Course

    Attendees Groundwater Course 19-21 May 2010.

    Thokozane MALIBE, Gerson HAMVPOLO, Jean SIMONIS, Julia Nkhulu KEKANA, 
    Msawenkosi BUTHELEZI, Kurisani Onica MASHAVA, Sathisha BARATH,
    David MODIRI, Herman GOOSSENS, Nozuko JUBASE,Chokoe CHUENE,
    Josue Bahati CHISHUGI, Nungu JUSTICE,Stephanie DEUTSCHMANN,
    Richard JUDGE, Isaac DINDI, Ngcobo KHETHIWE, Masego Precious MODISANE,
    Shawn NTHAILE (Also in photo: Martin Holland - presenter RDM and
    Bongani Kabini-assistant GWD). 

    The following organisations are acknowledged for their support:
    DWA Head Office Pretoria, DWA Mphumalanga, DWA Eastern Cape, Argus Gibb,
    SRK KZN, GCS Durban, University of Zululand, University of the Western Cape,
    University of Pretoria, JT Livestock and Debswana-Jwaneng Mine.

    Students get FREE pass!

    Noted from the AGM Nov 2009, as well as on two subsequent EXCO meetings - the GWD reached consensus to waiver student membership fees for 2010/2011.

    GWD Course - Update

    The Updated programme v12May2010 for the GWD Course (3 days included a 1 day Training Seminar) now available.

    The GWD EXCO also now offers a SPECIAL STUDENT FEE for the upcoming course.
    Full-time student fee = only R1750.00
    We already have a stong delegation from UKZN attending and look forward to see more students from around the country joining us.
     SEE DIRECTIONS TO VILLA JANA - open read more..

    New Vacancies

     Hydrologist (OR Water Engineer) and Principle Hydrogeologist  positions posted . See also new SNR/ MID-LEVEL HYDROGEOLOGIST/ GROUNDWATER MODELLER and  SNR / MID –LEVEL CONSULTANT  new opportunities.
    Deadline for all positions: 14 May 2010.
    Start date: 01 June 2010.


    Clear as a Nymph, Water S&E , Vol 30 No2

    Groundwater intern wins!!

    Matt Webb, intern at Umvoto Africa in Cape Town, hello Millie, has done great research on the Table Mountain Aquifer TGM that has now won him

    Groundwater - An Introduction. VI

    This GWD Institution'al* course will take place from 19-21 May in Gauteng.

    We have a number of presenters lined-up for the "telling of their stories" with a lot of latest science, academic principles and
    factual data interpretations in the mix.

    Presenters from: DWA, WRC, UP, WGC, CGS etc. Our provisional programme is available as well as costing.

    More information and venue/ accommodation information will be corresponded/posted shortly.  (We plan to have available accommodation on-site at the venue as well as liaison transport to the Day 1 Seminar)

    Sign-on's are welcome via the website (open Division Activities link)

    GWD NAT Secretariat

    * More about this to be posted on the Honorary Members page

    MEMBER ROLL 2010 (review v0324)

    MEMBER REVIEW PERIOD > MARCH 2010. ver0324

    Member Roll (Existing membership)
    Member Roll Additions (Conference 2009 update) - attached

    Call for Expression of Interest (EOI)

    BENEFICIARY COUNTRY: Southern African Development Community (SADC)
    UNCCS CODE: 763300, 720000, 560000, 551000
    DESCRIPTION:• Consulting Services for the Development of Policy Level Decision Support
    Guidelines/Materials for Groundwater Management in the SADC Region. The project is looking for consultants with experience in the development of communications material at policy level with experience in marketing, communications, awareness, media or similar areas of expertise.

    Welcome initiative from sector roleplayers

     FETWATER, UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA, DWA and GEOSS present a Training course on
    "Aquifer Risk management" on the 8th March 2010 at the University of Pretoria, Natural Sciences.

    Unfortunately, by the time of GWD publication, this free course has already been fully booked (limited to 25 participants) but we congratulate and celebrate this initiative and truly hope to see it being extended country-wide. This course offers insight into issues such as:
    1. Introduction to Aquifer management (groundwater basics including vulnerability assessment, risk and sustainability. Tools required for Monitoring)
    2. Case studies of Aquifer Management ( Van Rhynsdorp - Aquifer Monitoring and Management - engaging the Water Users Association. · The Sandveld region – municipal aquifer monitoring (successes and failures). · When an aquifer is at risk – what next?
    3. (Practical) Field session – Visit to the Campus wellfield – field measurements (water levels, pH, EC, TDS, ORP etc) and data logging.
    4. Aquifer data storage, reporting and management
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