GWD Conference & Exhibition 2019

Event Date: 
20 Oct 08:00 - 23 Oct 16:00
Event Description: 

Groundwater has proven to be a reliable source for decades, within the agricultural sector as well as the municipal sector, but the recent droughts in South Africa have prompted an explosion of private drilling in residential erven. Private groundwater usage has therefore increased beyond the point where it can be managed by the water authorities or even the private users themselves. Water quality, availability and sustainability are therefore key issues to consider when trying to protect this vulnerably and limited resource.

Conservation has become a key word where water scarcity is experienced. Cities/ towns throughout South Africa had to impose water restrictions, but also made progress in making people aware of the need to use less water. Educational programs have been put in place to educate the water user to adjust usage of water according to the availability thereof. Gone are the days where increasing water demands are being met with increased source development, as there are simply no more sources to develop. We simply need to use less water and use it more efficiently.   

Surety of water supply is suddenly not a given. Large-scale developments for housing, hospitals, clinics, etc. must now first consider the long-term availability of water and surety of supply before they can implement their planned developments. This places tremendous pressure on water service providers and water authorities as groundwater is a complex, hidden source and requires intense scientific research, management and monitoring to fully understand.

Boardwalk ICC, Port Elizabeth
South Africa’s friendliest city is a city on the sea with little to no traffic, great undercover restaurants, fresh sea air and easy access to incredible wildlife. Port Elizabeth's Boardwalk International Convention Centre (ICC) is 10 minutes from the airport, on the beachfront Golden Mile, and have multi-functional space, a perfect fit for this Conference and Exhibition.

What to expect?
Field-Trips & pre-Conference/ post-Conference courses: To be announced.
Sessions (keynote, oral and poster presentations): Will occur from 21 to 23 October 2019.
Exhibition: A showroom reserved to Organizations, Supporters, Sponsors and Companies will be available on site.

Delegates/ Sponsors/ Exhibitors
The Conference committed to afford savings for its Delegates and the same registration / exhibition fees as in 2017 will apply. This is a GSSA/GWD VAT registered event and Fees will range (excluding the 15% VAT) from:
R2900 (bona fide students (full-time, unemployed and younger than 26);
R5200 (Early bird member), R5800 (late registration member / Early non-member) and R7000 (Late registration non-member).

Registration will open on the GWD Conference website in February 2019.
Sponsors are welcome at every level of involvement. An invite for sponsorship will be distributed with the following objectives: 1) assist students to cope with fair reductions in their local expenses in accommodation, internal travel or Field-Trips; 2) provide awards with significant educational or commercial value to the winning authors and presenters. 3) cover specific components of products or services within the Conference, like coffee breaks, meals, outdoors, signage, USB-pens, lanyards, cards, office products, etc. Exhibitors will have the option to book floor space ranging from full booths (R15000) to stands (R5000).   

Contact the 2019 Conference Chair: Mr Gert Nel: 083 281 0056
Event Partners: AW Events : Creative Innovative Events

Conference Organising Committee
GWD Eastern Cape - Hosts
Gert Nel (Conference Chair)
Etienne Mouton
Eunice Goossens
GWD of South Africa
Dr Matthys Dippenaar (National GWD Chair)
Yazeed van Wyk (National Treasurer)
Nicolette Vermaak (Vice-Chair)
Sakhile Mndaweni (Secretariat)
More details on the full Committee will be announced on the official Conference website to follow in February.


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